• Are you a digital marketing newby?

    • Have you just graduated from university or an advertising school that just didn’t teach digital marketing?
    • Are you a baby boomer who missed the train, but hope you can catch it?
    • Do you run an SME and you want to be able to take advantage of the digital marketing revolution.
    • We have or are developing a series of short courses that will give you the understanding and the skills you need.

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  • This is why we do it?

    • We believe that the internet changed the world, changed the way we see things, find things, share things and do things.

    • We know that the mainstream educational institutions don’t cover this stuff, and we know that because it needs some insight digital marketing and marketing in a socially connected world is going to need people to run it, lots of people with new skills and lots of them.

    • We want to give those people the ability to become famous, because they are going to change the world of marketing.

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  • Are you a digital marketing ninja?

    • So you kind of know what you are talking about, you got a job as a social media community manager
    • Or you are a junior but are in change of SEO, you are running a PPC account, but really you are a little thin on the details
    • You are learning fast - but hey a little more learning would do no harm.

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  • How we do it!

    • We get people who know their stuff and we ask them to come and teach you.

    • We do so in structured courses, in seminars and in workshops.

    • We make sure that our stuff is always up to date and keeps pace with the rapidly changing world

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  • Are you a digital marketing super extreme ninja, with badges?

    • So you know your stuff, you really do. But how do you take yourself to the next level?

    • Do you need thought starters, a new way of looking at things, have you joined the dots do you know how to integrate all the communications tools?

    • We may have just what you need to take the next step.

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Digital Marketing Training

Marketing in an always on always connected world

We teach anyone who wants to know and understand marketing in the always on, always connected world of the Internet, whether you are a digital neophyte, immigrant or native.

The internet has caused the single biggest change to society since the invention of the printing press 600 years ago. It has fundamentally changed the way we connect and the way we find information.

This has changed the way we research, the way we learn, the way we buy and the way brands are built.

New Marketing

Modern marketing was only invented in the 1960's and the science of brand building was based on the principles developed for operating in a world where the dominant media was one way and where share of voice equated to share of mind which equated to share of market.

Marketers in that world could build brands and change minds by the shere weight of thier media buy.

Those days are over
To succeed in an always on, always connected world we need to understand the way people have changed and the new tools.

Our courses are designed to equip anyone who wants to succeed in this world.

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