Mastering Social Media

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Marketing is changing because people are changing and the way that they gather information is changing, the way they share is changing and the way they make decisions is changing.

Marketing has always been about spreading ideas. The idea that my brand offers the best solution the idea that my event will rock your socks, the idea that you should follow my political ideology.

But what happens when the way you spread those ideas changes, when your audience no longer trust advertising messages, where they rely on the advice of their friends and where they share everything and when sharing the right thing cam spread around the world in an instant.

This is the connected social world. This is the world that marketers, advertising agencies and PR people are operating in - This is a brand new world, it may look like the same but it has changed forever. This is a world in which media is no longer a source of information but has become a site of coordination.

Are you in a position to advise your clients, are you able to shift through the legacy marketing thinking advice coming from your agency, do you know how to manage an online brand attack.

This is what mastering social media will equip you with.


  • Introduction to marketing in a social world.
  • What’s different why do we need to rethink our approach.
  • The new media landscape.
  • What is social media?
  • A new consumer, how the new consumer behaves.
  • Disenthralling oneself with legacy marketing dogma.
  • 7 marketing truths that you thought were sacred but are myths.
  • Thinking about an organic approach to marketing.
  • The pillars of new marketing.
  • Building brands in a social world.
  • Defending your brand against and online attack.
  • An introduction to social networks analysis
  • Understanding the role of “old” media
  • An integrated all encompassing new marketing approach

Who should attend

  • Traditional marketer
  • University graduates
  • Business owners
  • Or anyone interested in the current trends affecting the world of digital marketers not just today, but in the future too. 


Full day (9am - 5pm)

You should bring an internet enabled device, notebook, tablet or smart phone along with an open mind and a willingness to engage and debate.

JHB – Contact us for other regions.

R3200 + VAT per person
Groups (3+), previous students and Alumni Graduates qualify for 10% discount.

If you introduce 5 or more then you get the discount as a commission. (Only available for alumni.)